Unlock Data with AI

A sharper way to transform on-premises infrastructure

To digitally transform, your customers need infrastructure that can deal with hybrid IT workloads without breaking budgets. They need to facilitate faster processes to realise the benefits of greater availability and increased agility through data centre automation – enabling them to shift investment from routine maintenance to innovation.



Plan of attack:

Route 1:

Upgrade installed base

Understand that upgrading will enable customers to transform their business and achieve their goals.

Show customers that there’s a HPE solution for every kind of infrastructure requirement.

Sell Synergy, SimpliVity, Apollo , or BladeSystem Gen10 + OneView – depending on the customer requirement.

Plan of attack:

Route 2:

Displace the competition

Understand that Cisco UCS is aging and the future roadmap is unclear.

Show customers they can benefit from increased speed, agility, simplicity and cost-savings with the right solution.

Sell HPE Synergy as the more unified, simpler and more future-proof solution.

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With Westcoast on your side

Our HPE software experts can help you navigate the best options for your customers. Gain the insight to ask the right questions, narrow down their requirements – and get to the sale faster.

We can give your sales team the knowledge to understand the relevant sales hooks and how to develop them, with the aim of them becoming self-sufficient in the long run.

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