Everything aaS

Give customers pay-per-use economy with more control

Almost everything can be offered aaS (as a Service) – from applications to data sources, and platforms to infrastructure. aaS increases agility, brings down costs, streamlines process and reduces downtime. And with HPE GreenLake, customers can enjoy these cloud-like benefits while maintaining control of the apps and data in their own environment.



Plan of attack:

Understand that IT services are at the centre of digital transformation and hybrid IT infrastructures.

Show customers that there’s no upfront investment required and greater flexibility when it comes to responding to trends, demands and budget changes.

Sell HPE GreenLake on-premises, pay-per-use solutions that enable consumption-based IT whilst retaining control.

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With Westcoast on your side

Our HPE software experts can help you navigate the best options for your customers. Gain the insight to ask the right questions, narrow down their requirements – and get to the sale faster.

We can give your sales team the knowledge to understand the relevant sales hooks and how to develop them, with the aim of them becoming self-sufficient in the long run.

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