Redefine Experiences at the Edge

The clever approach to processing real-time data

Think of the Intelligent Edge as a place. It’s a building, city, work space, shop, factory floor or house. It’s anywhere that uses smart, connected and controlling technology (think IoT). The ‘edge’ can maximise your customers’ efficiency because instead of sending data out to a data centre or third party, analysis is performed at the location the data is generated.



Plan of attack:

Understand that the Intelligent Edge will be everywhere and it will drive a lot of data, infrastructure and services.

Show customers that even though an upfront cost may be required, Intelligent Edge technology will increase revenue and save money in the long run.

Sell HPE Intelligent Edge gateways because they enable customers to rapidly acquire, analyse, and action real-time data as it’s being collected. Also Intelligent Edge solutions provided by HPE Pointnext to transform the workplace.

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