Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud

The fastest way to accelerate your customers’ cloud strategy

The future belongs to the fast. But getting Cloud right is key to driving speed. Enhance your customers’ ability to find and achieve the right mix of Cloud mastery, innovation and control to match their app and business requirements – today and in the future. Address the toughest challenges, accelerate cloud transformation and help your customers get Hybrid Cloud right – faster.



Plan of attack:

Route 1:

Move to the Cloud

Understand that some customers need help starting their cloud journey whilst others need help acting on their strategy.

Show customers that Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud defines and achieves the right mix of public and private clouds for their apps and data. Help them assess their cloud strategy; develop a plan for the right mix of cloud; modernise and move to any cloud, at any scale; and establish governance to manage security & cost.

Sell HPE Accelerator Workshops for Cloud, Cloud Transformation Maturity and HPE Right Mix Advisor to help customers starting their cloud journey. Sell HPE Financial Services, Application Modernization & Migration, HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack and HPE Intelligent Storage Solutions to help customers act on their strategy.

Plan of attack:

Route 2:

Innovate in the Cloud

Understand that customers may have the base cloud infrastructure in place but need help innovating within it.

Show customers that Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud will help them take the next step in their business transformation to accelerate business outcomes and speed time-to-market, with less risk. Help them adopt cloud-native development; create an agile development strategy; build disruptive solutions, faster adopt innovative financial models and pay-per-use consumption; and drive automation across cloud operations.

Sell HPE Pointnext Agile Development Services and Cloud Native Software Development to help customers improve their existing cloud operation.

Plan of attack:

Route 3:

Run the Cloud

Understand that customers need help in realising operational excellence and improving management practices.

Show customers that Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud will help them to optimise cloud operations with automation, security, governance and control. Help them gain visibility, insights and control; increase reliability through automation; create cost controls and maximise cloud consumption; and control security & compliance in real-time.

Sell HPE OneSphere, HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud and HPE Managed Cloud Controls Service to help customers build, manage and run their clouds with confidence.

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