Transform IT with Software-defined

A solution to the limitations of dedicated hardware

Customers are making the shift to software-defined infrastructure to simplify their IT and gain greater flexibility. It can combine software-defined compute (SDC), software-defined networking (SDN) and software-designed storage (SDS). Cost-reduction and efficiency benefits immediately justify the investment.



Plan of attack:

Route 1:

Upgrade installed base

Understand that your customers can realise a multitude of benefits by upgrading from HPE 380/250 and legacy SimpliVity BladeSystem.

Show customers that SDI isn’t tied to specific hardware and can operate with little human intervention – which allows many critical IT functions to be fully integrated and automated.

Sell the latest HPE Gen 10 SimpliVity based solution, which offers server, storage, and storage networking services – with built-in value including backup and disaster recovery.

Plan of attack:

Route 2:

Migrate DL380 installed base

Understand there’s a huge opportunity to offer DL380 installed base running virtualization a better option – the world’s most secure and reliable server platform.

Show customers that they can improve their internal SLA for virtualization, consolidate their data centre space, and be ready for the future.

Sell HPE Gen 10 SimpliVity by positioning it as having a superior TCO when compared to DL380 – because it reduces VMware licensing costs and integrated backup.

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